What we do

We help startups manage all their HR needs.

From finding the "right talent at the right time" to talent advisory, ESOP, talent branding and more: we have tools for all your needs.

Connecting Talents and Dreams


Join the ideal startup

We feature a list of startups in search for the right talent. You think you’ve found the place you’ll love to work at? Apply from Advaita and we’ll make sure you are connected with your dream job.


Give your talent the worthy niche

We find you the job worthy of your talent. Apply at Advaita, our experts connect with you and find the job you’d love.


HR services for startups

We take your entire HR load letting you focus on company’s main vision.

Building a company from scratch is no mean task and we understand the plethora of complications faced.

We share your load so you can delve deeper into the main objectives of your startup.

From "hiring right people at the right time” to “managing right”, we do it all for you.

We take care of your human capital and provide supreme talent advisory, helping you grow stronger.

Check out our range of startup services

Talent Hunt

The growth of a startup is immensely dependent on its team. Our extensive experience in hiring and grip on latest tools and technology allows us to find the top talents matching exactly with your requirements.

Contract Staffing

We understand the changing work environments and how certain permanent positions can be a liability, specially to a startup. Advaita provides the right candidates at the right time for a temporary period letting you go flexible on certain domains of your project.


Employee Stock Options Plan can be a crucial strategy while competing for the best talent in the market. However, drafting a lucrative plan that works for you can be a strenuous exercise. We take this load off your shoulders and draft a plan beneficial for the company as well as the talent.

Talent Advisory

A strong organization crafted out of a selected pool of talent is imperative for any startup to thrive. Through a deep understanding of your goals, and with our expertise we know when and what to hire for the efficient scale up of the company.

In- house services

Why take the stress of building and managing an entire HR team when the experts are at the door? Our team works right from your premises, without you worrying about their management.

Talent Branding

The outstanding talents are no less than a brand in themselves. We feature the extraordinary talents that fits in the most decisive positions of your startup.

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