Basic Language EditingTechnical Editing
Preliminary round of polishing +quality control. Comprehensive modifications are made to improve the quality of your paper. Professional native language editors and strict quality control. Preliminary round of polishing + quality control + one free modification service within 90 days. The paper is refined and strict control over the quality of the final product is achieved through our five-step editing procedure.    

Content modification Basic Editing Technical editing
Basic language editing Spelling, word usage, punctuation.
Comprehensive grammar check Detailed examination of grammatical errors, including errors in subject-verb agreement, tenses, singular and plural forms, articles, nouns, subordinate clauses, and expressions.
Vocabulary and sentence structure Detailed check of word choice and improvement of inappropriate or ambiguous sentence structures.
Writing style and flow Comments and improvements to the writing style to better fit an academic writing style and improvements to the content flow.  
Comments on logic and accuracy The logic and consistency of the paper are checked, as is the clarity of each sentence.  Comments are provided to help correct any sentences that may lead to misunderstanding or confusion by the reader or reviewer. 
Structural modifications Based on the understanding of your overall content, the editors will check the organization of your paper and correct or provide feedback where there are problems with its progression. 
Advice on data analysis and presentation Our subject matter experts will provide you with a feedback on the data analysis and visualization to improve the overall presentation of the paper. 
Initial round of editing + free round of editing within 90 days (only for modified content) Within 90 days after the first round of modification is completed, if you make revisions or changes to the paper (with the modified word count not exceeding 20% of that of the original draft), Advaita will provide you with a free round of modification. 

Data analysis and Presentation

If you have the raw data but don’t know how to analyze it or present it in the most comprehensive way, our statistics experts will help you. We will refine your data and analyze it using the most appropriate tools and software to improve the presentation of your paper, increasing its publication chances.



Advaita Full Support

(All academic services in one package)

Substantive editing, Scientific editing, Plagiarism check, Journal suggestions, Cover letter, Feedback report.


Substantive Editing and Proofreading

Typographical, spelling, punctuation & grammatical mistakes, sentence structure, flow, overall presentation, content enhancement, factual correctness. Feedback report.


Scientific Editing and Review

Everything in substantive editing plus analysing redundancy, data, missing connections, figures and tables, abbreviations, equations, statistics, citations, references, ambiguous research questions and conceptualization.

Cover letter and feedback report.

Formatting according to the Journal's guidelines. Framing answers for the reviewers.


Plagiarism check and Reframing

Advanced and trusted software for plagiarism check and we reframe the sentences accordingly.


Publication Support

We help you select the right journal for your paper and submit your work for submission. Our experts ensure that the paper is successfully submitted in the right journal.

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