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Whether you are a budding writer or an experienced author, a professional editor and proofreader is the one who gives life to your special work. We have a team of experts who will polish your work without disturbing the author’s creativity, voice and vision. Whether it’s a hard-core science fiction, thriller, romance, poem, non-fiction or a screenplay, we understand your genre.

From starting the writing process to getting it published we help you with every step you take.

Every work needs a professional unbiased critique which cannot be provided by your friends, family or colleagues. Our Manuscript critique service provides you with honest feedback and suggestions that can help take your work to market. Once you have framed your ideas into a draft, an expert Editor and Proofreader will spot and eradicate any errors that you might have missed even after a number of readings. Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, typos, decrease the credibility of your hard-done work. We provide experts in various genres and formats to give you a publication ready piece.

Even after the masterpiece is ready, it must attract the correct agents, editors and publishers. This requires an intriguing summary of your work and an introduction in the form of a query letter. A synopsis that has just the right mixture of details and teasers will entice the publishers to read more. A chapter by chapter summary of the book to form an outline is another thing that is required on your road to publishing. These services are provided by our team of experts within an adequate turnaround time.



Advaita Full Support

(All author services in one package)

Manuscript critique, editing, proofreading, query, synopsis and outline.

Manuscript Critique
1-2 pages critique by an expert.

A detailed analysis of plot, dialogue, structure, organisation and flow.


Manuscript Critique

1-2 pages critique by an expert.

A detailed analysis of plot, dialogue, structure, organisation and flow.


Manuscript Proofreading

A polished and formatted manuscript free of any typos, grammatical or spelling errors


Substantive Editing

Typographical, spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes. Clarity, flow and organization at a chapter, scene, paragraph, and sentence level.

Personalised suggestions and issues of concern in a feedback report.


Developmental Editing

Substantive Editing plus careful analysis of the plot, pace, point of view, character development and the overall strength and organization of the book.


Query, Synopsis and Outline

Query letter that introduces you and your work in the most intriguing way.

A synopsis that gives a detailed summary of your project along with the right blend of teasers.

An outline that provides chapter by chapter summary.

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